v  appetizers

GINGER SALAD                                            5

Mixed greens & cucumbers served with Asia’s special ginger dressing
CHICKEN WINGS KUNG PAO                   10
Crisp chicken wings wok fried with jalapeno kung pao sauce topped with scallions and crushed peanuts
nut sauce
EDAMAME                                                     5
Steamed young soybeans lightly tossed in sea salt

Wok charred wth garlic & shallots          7


GYOZA                                                           9

Dumplings filled with chicken, garlic, ginger & scallions steamed with teriyaki glaze or lightly fried with duck sauce
SPRING ROLL                                               5
Julienne cabbage, peas, carrots and spices in a spring roll wrapper lightly fried with Asia's sweet & spicy sauce                                                         
EGG ROLL                                                      5
Chicken with julienne vegetables, in an eggroll wrapper lightly fried with Asia’s sweet & spicy sauce                                                         

SPARE RIBS                                                  17

Wok-seared beef ribs  glazed with Asia’s sweet soy sauce

THAI CHICKEN TENDERS                           10

Grilled thai spiced chicken tenders, scallions and sweet soy glaze

LETTUCE WRAPS                                        13
Choice of chicken or beef blended with onions, carrots, water chestnuts and spices on top of crisp rice noodles with a peanut sauce & crisp lettuce
ASIA'S TRIO PLATTER                  14 (per person) 

A sampling of pan-seared dumplings,spring roll &kung pao wings served with thai peanut & duck sauce


v  sushi bar appetizers

SUSHI NACHOS                                     10
Baked dynamite with masago & scallions served on special Asia nachos
KANISU ROLL (NO RICE)                        12                                                                                              
Surimi kosher crab, avocado & masago wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber drizzled with chef’s rice wine vinaigrette, topped with sesame seeds
HAMACHI JALAPENO                            14
Sliced yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro & micro greens with citrus soy sauce
TUNA TARTAR                                       14
Diced tuna, , sesame seeds & chef’s special spicy sauce, served with  chips
TUNA POKI                                           14
Diced tuna, mango, avocado, spicy mayo, micro greens, sesame seeds & seaweed, served with  chips
TUNA TATAKI                                        13
Thinly sliced seared tuna, scallions, sesame seeds & micro greens, served with a citrus soy sauce
ASIA "STYLE" CEVICHE                        16
Hamachi,salmon,tuna and surimi kosher crab with cilantro,red peppers, red onions tossed in lemon citrus vinaigrette

v  soups

EGG DROP                                               5                         HOT & SOUR                    5
 Traditional egg drop soup                                                                         Authentic Asian hot & soup          
WONTON                                                 6                         MIXED SOUP                     6                                                                
 Authentic Asian dumpling soup                                                              Egg drop soup with dumplings

v  entrée salads         LUNCH                        DINNER

HOUSE SALAD                                              7                         11
Garden fresh greens, avocado, cucumber & carrots topped with crispy fried onions & tossed in a citrus ginger dressing
SEARED AHI TUNA SALAD                          15                         19
Seared ahi tuna served with baby greens, sundried tomatoes, cucumber, avocado & tossed in a citrus ginger dressing
CHICKEN CEASAR SALAD                           14                         18
Crisp romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons & tenderly seared sliced chicken breast with a light creamy ceasar dressing

SESAME CRUSTED SALMON SALAD          15                          19
Sesame grilled salmon with baby greens, mandarin oranges, fried egg roll skins, diced scallions,

cucumbers with sliced almonds drizzled with balsamic dressing                  

TERIYAKI CHICKEN SALAD                         14                          18
Grilled marinated chicken served over mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, sesame seeds & fried noodles tossed in a Asia's teriyaki dressing
COBB SALAD                                                            15                               19
Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, diced hard boiled egg with a tenderly seared sliced chicken breast tossed in a ranch dressing

ASIA NINE VEGETABLE CHOP SALAD                          15                                    19

Tomatoes, cucumber, celery, peas,carrots,  baby corn, onion, tofu or chicken tossed with lemon vinaigrette on baby greens


v specialty rolls  All rolls available with brown rice (+1)
PANTHER ROLL                                         15
Spicy tuna roll with avocado, scallions & tempura flakes, layered with tuna & spicy may
RAINBOW ROLL                                        15
Spicy chopped tuna & avocado layered with tuna, salmon & whitefish
CRISPY CRUNCHY ROLL                           18      
Surimi kosher crab & avocado roll tempura, topped with spicy surimi kosher crab, tempura flakes, eel sauce & chili mayo                                                   
WEST BOCA ROLL                                    16

Surimi kosher crab tempura, avocado, parve cream cheese, layered with salmon & spicy mayo,baked to perfection

WRAP& ROLL                                           18                                                                                                                     
Spicy tuna, surimi kosher crab, scallions, dynamite, avocado, cucumber & masago wrapped in a tortilla topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce
CRUNCHY SALMON ROLL (NO RICE)         16                                                                                                         
Tempura roll with salmon, avocado, srimi kosher crab & masago, topped with chili mayo                                                                          
HIDDEN DRAGON ROLL                             14
Surimi kosher crab tempura, cucumber, parve cream cheese layered with avocado,  chili sauce & sweet sauce
MIX & MATCH ROLL                                                     17
Salmon & avocado roll topped with seaweed salad, dynamite, spicy surimi kosher crab and spicy tuna
MIAMI ROLL                                               16
Avocado,parve cream cheese,surimi kosher crab with tempura hamachi on top, served with special sweet & spicy sauce
VOLCANO ROLL                                         15
Surimi kosher crab & avocado roll  topped with dynamite

ASIA ROLL                                                  18
Salmon & imitation crab tempura, scallions, avocado & cream cheese topped with seared tuna and eel sauce
DINO ROLL                                                  16
Surimi kosher crab & tuna roll tempura fried then topped with spicy tuna, scallions, tempura flakes, eel sauce & spicy mayo
NINJA ROLL                                                 16
Spicy tuna & cucumber topped with whitefish tempura, scallions, tempura flakes, eel sauce & spicy mayo
GEISHA ROLL                                              18
Imitation crab, salmon, imitation cream cheese, masago, scallions, avocado & tempura flakes, topped with baked dynamite & wrapped in soy bean paper
with eel sauce & spicy mayo
SEGWAY ROLL                                            16
Salmon,surimi kosher crab, masago, scallions & avocado layered with tuna, masago & mayo
LOTUS FLOWER ROLL                                18
surimi kosher crab, salmon, yellowtail, masago, scallions,& avocado, wrapped in soy bean paper,  topped with spicy tuna and tempura flakes

v    classic rolls  hand roll (-1), brown rice (+1)

CUCUMBER ROLL                              6                                 CALIFORNIA ROLL              9
YELLOWTAIL ROLL                           9                                 TUNA ROLL                          9         
SPICY TUNA ROLL                            9                                SALMON ROLL                      9
SALMON AVOCADO ROLL                 9                                 AVACADO ROLL                   7
VEGETABLE ROLL                             8


v  sashimi & sushi  2 pieces sashimi OR 1 piece sushi

SALMON                                              4                              TUNA                                     4

HAMACHI                                             4                              WHITE FISH                           4

IMITATION CRAB STICKS                     3


SUSHI MORI                                       28
8 sushi pieces, chef’s selection & one classic roll
SASHIMI MORI                                   26
16 sashimi pieces
SUSHI SASHIMI MORI                        35
6 sushi pieces, 9 sashimi pieces & one classic roll

v  sushi boats

PRINCESS Boat for 3                         65
12 sashimi pieces, 10 nigiri pieces & choice of 2 classic rolls
CRYSTAL Boat for 4                           85
16 sashimi pieces, 14 nigiri pieces & choice of 3 classic rolls
CARNIVAL Boat for 5                         105
20 sashimi pieces, 18 nigiri pieces & choice of 3 classic rolls

 v  chinese entrees  Served with either jasmine rice, brown rice or fried rice

                                                                           LUNCH                   DINNER


 SESAME CHICKEN OR BEEF              13                   19
Sliced chicken or beef lightly fried with scallions & sesame seeds in a sweet ginger sauce
CASHEW CHICKEN                             13                    19
Crispy chicken with cashews, green & red peppers, carrots, celery, onions & scallions 
KUNG PAO CHICKEN                           13                    19
Sliced chicken lightly fried with peanuts, scallions & chilies
GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN                  13                    19
Crispy chicken & broccoli served in Asia’s brown sauce
ORANGE BEEF OR CHICKEN               13                     19
Crispy beef or chicken glazed with Asia’s sweet citrus sauce tossed with chilis & orange zest
SWEET‘N SOUR CHICKEN                  13                      19
Crispy chicken with cucumbers, scallions, tomatoes & sweet ‘n sour sauce
PEPPER STEAK                                  13                     19
Seared sliced steak served with onions, red peppers & greens peppers in chef’s special sauce
TERIYAKI CHICKEN OR BEEF              13                      19
Sautéed chicken or beef in chef’s special teriyaki sauce
BEEF & BROCCOLI                              13                     19
Seared sliced steak with broccoli in garlic brown sauce
ASIA’S WOK CREATION                       13                     19
Baby corn, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, onions & warer chestnuts stir fried in teriyaki or szechuan sauce with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu
 v  chinese noodles & rice
                                                                            LUNCH                      DINNER
ASIA'S MIXED GRILL                          13                       19
Grilled chicken breast, steak and pargiot sliced and tossed with lo-mein noodles in our chef's signature sauce
LO-MEIN                                             13                        19
Vegetable lo-mein sautéed in garlic, onions & Asia’s special stir fry sauce with chicken, beef  or tofu
ASIA’S FRIED RICE                             10                        16
Stir-fried rice with egg, carrots, scallions & peas in a light soy ginger sauce with chicken, beef or tofu
PAD THAI                                            13                        19
Rice noodles, scallions, bean sprouts & peanuts served in a pad-thai sauce with chicken, beef or tofu


ν chef's signature dishes

CRISPY DUCK                                                                 42

Crispy duck with a honey, ginger 7 teriyaki sauce, served over a bed of lo-mein with a spring roll


Grilled marinated steak, jasmine rice and wok fried vegetables

VEAL CUTLET SHANGHI                                                 50

Pounded and panko breaded veal cutlet topped with shiitakake mushroom stir fry, vegetable lo-mein

MOUNT FUGI CHICKEN                                                   38

Crisp chicken breast, fire roasted red peppers, slivered garlic, togarashi sauce served over steamed seasonal vegetables with Asia's chicken dumplings

LOLLIPOP LAMB CHOPS                                               48

Garlic rosemary seasoned with mint apple demi glaze, roasted red potatoes, seasonal vegetable


v asia grill Featuring asia’s signature cuts served with two of the following:

jasmine rice                    brown rice                          crispy fries                     rosemary garlic potatoes
fried rice                         vegetables                          sweet potato fries         steamed broccoli
SHORT RIBS                                         35
Succulent short ribs 1 1/2 ponds glazed with chef’s special sauce, served over a bed of onion rings
BONELES RIB EYE STEAK                     35
14oz marbled, bone-in rib eye steak grilled to perfection
CRISPY CHICKEN                                  30
Panko encrusted chicken breast lightly fried to perfection
WOKBURGER                                       16
All beef burger grilled and glazed with chef’s special sauce & served on a toasted bun
GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST                 24
Marinated chicken breast, grilled to perfection
Tender dark meat marinated & sizzled to perfection
THAI "STYLE" TILAPIA                        23
Crisp fries tilapia with thai chili sauce
MAHI MAHI                                          30                            
Grilled or golden fried to perfection. Just the way you like it!
FRESH ATLANTIC SALMON FILET       28                                                            
Grilled center cut salmon, herb seasoned or served mongolian style
SESAME CRUSTED TUNA                    30                                                       
Seared sesame encrusted tuna served with soy ginger glaze
ν  sides
CRISPY FRIES                         5               
Perfectly crisped french fries
SWEET CRISPY FRIES             6               
Perfectly crisped sweet potato french fries
 WOK VEGETABLES                 5              ROSEMARY GARLIC POTATOES   5 
JASMINE WHITE RICE              5              FRIED RICE                                   5
BROWN RICE                           5              STEAMED BROCCOLI                    6

v   kid’s menu (10 & under, includes small drink)

HAMBURGER  & FRIES                                8                                                                                       

HOT DOG & FRIES                                       7                                                                                       

POPCORN CHICKEN & FRIES                       9



CHICKEN WINGS                                          9                                                                                    


v beverages

Soda                                                      3
Iced Tea (Regular or Green Tea)           3
Bottled Water                                        6
(Pellegrino Sparkling or   Panna natural spring)
Hot Drinks                                             3
Teas  (Mint, Green, Chamomile, Oolong & Earl Grey) or Coffee


v  desserts

HOT FRIED GELATO                                 10                               CHOCOLATE MOUSSE                  8
Delicious scoop of gelato delicately fried & drizzled with chocolate                        Decadent chocolate mousse and whipped cream
BUTTERFLIED BANANAS                           8                               ASIA'S CHEESECAKE                   8
                                                                                                                                           Tastes Unbelievably Creamy!!
ASIA GELATO CRISP                                 7                               CHOCOLATE GANACHE CAKE      8
Gelato served with our sinfully delicious cinnamon & sugar crisps                             Rich and Sinful!!

FRUIT EGGROLL & GELATO                       10

Seasonal fruit filled eggroll served with vanilla gelato......INCREDIBLE!!


                                                                             Items are cooked to order.  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,

shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.